10 Things To Pressure Wash This Spring 2022

10 Things To Pressure Wash This Spring 2022

10 Things You Should Be Pressure Washing This Spring  2022

In this post, we will discuss 10 things you should be pressure washing this spring 2022. As the world slowly moves past the COVID pandemic, more and more people are entertaining and maintaining their space to prepare for spring. Read along as we discuss the things you need to pressure wash spring 2022.

What Is Pressure Washing?

Most people know what a pressure washer is. However, if you do not, we will talk about what power washing is and how it works. A pressure washer utilizes pressurized water to ensure items are cleaned. These washers are used on commercial buildings and other areas. However, we are going to talk about how you should be using your pressure washer this Spring. 

Important Things You Must Power Wash This Spring (Or Else!!!)

1. Exterior of Your Home 

You may notice that your home is looking dull or dirty. This is where your pressure washer will come in handy. You can use a pressure washer on the exterior of any type of home. The most commonly-used exteriors for pressure washing are brick and siding. 

PRO TIP: Read this post to learn if you can power wash brick. We know it will be helpful.

2. Driveway

As you know driveways have a lot of traffic. Plus, they face some pretty harsh weather sometimes. This means that they could look rundown or dirty. It may seem impossible to clean concrete. However, a pressure washer will help you with that problem. It has enough pressure to eliminate the dirt and build-up on your driveway. 

3. Deck/Porch

Over time porches and decks can become dirty. They have a lot of foot traffic on them. People coming and going. Therefore, you should clean it often. However, it may be difficult by other means. A mop will work, but it will not clean as efficiently or as quickly. 

4. Fencing 

Over the years, your fence may not be as white as it once was. However, a pressure washer can help with that problem. Simply go up and down your fence to eliminate dirt and debris. This will help keep the fence clean. Just be sure that your neighbors are not in the way, and they are okay with a little water on their property. 

5. Prep for Paint

You can use a pressure washer to eliminate existing paint if you know how to properly use it. This is generally done when the paint is peeling or chipping away on the external parts of a home or building. Pressure washers are not usually used indoors to prep for paint. It is advised not to use a pressure washer inside the home. It will likely cause water damage. 

6. Patio Furniture

When it is time to put your patio furniture back outside, you may notice that it is dirty. You can utilize your pressure washer to help clean your patio furniture. It will bust through dirt with ease. You should always be sure to clean your patio furniture before storage. It is also best to bring your patio furniture inside during the winter months if you receive snow. 

7. Walkways 

Walkways that lead to the house will receive a lot of foot traffic. This means that mud and debris can build up. You can utilize a pressure washer to get this dirt and debris off your walkway. It will look like fresh concrete when you are done. You can also use this for walkways that have stepping stones. However, it is advised to move the stepping stones away from the dirt or grass before power washing them. 

8. Toys 

If there are children in the home, you likely have outside toys. This also means that these toys see it all. Dirt, snow, rain, etc. These toys will be dirty. Instead of cleaning them by hand, you can use a pressure washer. This will allow you to keep your children’s toys clean without having to spend hours doing it. 

9. Garbage Bins

Nothing is worse than your garbage bins being dirty. Whether you have a business and need commercial pressure washing or a residence, it’s crucial to clean garbage bins every now and again.

Failing to do so can lead to maggots, flies, and more. Plus, it stinks. No one likes that. You can pressure wash indoor and outdoor garbage bins. However, indoor bins should be brought outside for pressure washing. 

10. Pools 

You can pressure wash your pool before you fill it or after you empty it to ensure that it is clean. Pressure washing your pool before it is filled will ensure that it is as clean as possible. 

Wrapping Up: 10 Things To Power Wash Spring 2022

Many people do not know that pressure washers can be used for many purposes. However, you now do. There are many things that a pressure washer can do for you. Even if you live in a small home, a pressure washer can do a lot for you. It will take away hours of work because it can be done with a pressure washer instead of a rag and water. 

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We hope you now know the 10 things to power wash this spring and wish you all the best.

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